Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11 Conspiracy (length: 05:49)

After watching this, it may be tough to see the fall of the buildings without ever noticing the squibs again. A squib is a demolition term for the unique plume of smoke seen immediately after an explosion.

I didnt make this got it from

Frank Caliendo's Bush impression (length: 05:15)

Bush answers some questions live from the student union at Cal State Fullerton.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Opeth - Weakness (Live Lamentations DVD) (length: 04:42)

Here is Opeth performing Weakness in the Lamentations DVD concert, in 2003 at the Shepard's Bush Empire.

Impala (length: 00:30)

More than 100,000 impala's live in the Kruger park.
Their favourite habitats are located along the rivers, where there is plenty of water. Impalas also like short grass and small bushes. Their diet includes both grass and leaves.
The imp

reggie bush high school high tape (length: 07:31)

reggie bush

CNN Anchor Flubs Audio During Bush Katrina Speech (length: 02:31)

CNN mangled the audio for a portion of President Bush's speech commemorating the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

During several minutes of CNN's broadcast, a conversation, thought to be between two CNN employees, can clearly be

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kimmel on censorship (length: 03:23)

Very funny compilation of videos when there has been unnecessary censorship.... Of course everything in this video is set up voluntarily by the show itself to make "omissions" sound funny. See for yourself.

Taken from


the 1st certain death video directed outwith the band, see here kung-fu, hot chix, bush and blair and alot of hard rocking!

Episode 1: 9/11 Forgotten Heroes clip 1 (length: 01:56)

health and respiratory problems for those who worked at ground zero. The Government is not helping them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ralph Nader 2004 PBS interview (length: 09:40)

David Brancaccio speaks with Ralph Nader (Green Party) and Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party)

Jon Stewart dissects Bush's latest 'desperate soundbites' (length: 06:40)

During last night's opening segment of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart noted that there was something "peculiar" about President Bush's August 21 White House press conference. The president is known for his long vacations at his home in Crawfor

Bush in Pakistan-2006 (length: 04:28)

President Bush Addressing to Pakistani nation!

Lindy Girls - Stick Jumping (length: 00:06)

Do not try this I did it after the vidio and it doesent hurt as mutch as bush jumping but you get way maore scratches

Way to Go Mr America (length: 04:52)

This is a song I wrote about the tragedy of Hurrican Katrina. While it outlines the failures at so many levels of our government and society, it's really about how individuals across this nation came together to help each. Here are the ly

Arctic Wildlife (length: 00:29)

The Arctic Wildlife refuge is a sacred place where life begins. Bush and his oil gang want to destroy this beautiful place. Heres how you can help preserve it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

9/11 (length: 02:46)

Music Video that show the events that occured on September 11, 2001.
The song is Hands by Jewel.
This is a tribute to those who died.
Created by Brian Bezalel.

Post anything you want. If you have any stories of 9/11, know someone

Is Bush an "Idiot"? (length: 10:08)

Is the President of the United States, George W. Bush, an idiot? Scarborough Country asks the forbidden question. They look at his inability to speak correctly, not at his inability to lead correctly, however. Of course the real question is

Monday, September 04, 2006

Read My Lips (length: 00:30)

Tammy Lee is the Independence Party's candidate for U.S. Congress in Minnesota's 5th CD. These ads poke fun at candidates who overpromise (like George Bush the 1st).

It's OK (length: 00:30)

A Bush in 30 Seconds video, #76 of the 1500 or so in that December, 2003 competition. It shows teenagers blindly accepting their fate under our current hypocritical and deadly regime. If anything, things have gotten even worse since 2003.

Gimpy (my cat) (length: 01:03)

My Cat!

Alex Jones "Viruses are Nutritious" radio clip (length: 07:35)

This is a audio recording of the Alex Jones show.
Recorded 08-21-06.

MMmmm, what's for dinner ?

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Ok, what exactly is it that you dislike about the picture ?
Is it the documents that bother you ?
picky picky...
Will you be complaining about the pictures of Dubya and others I use in my makeshift videos also ?

sticks & stones bro
2. Nice. If I didn't love meat so much, I'd go vegetarian. *contemplates buying a herd of steer and slaughtering them myself*.
3. Nice picture you chose of Alex there, dickhead.

God Forbid-We Hate Bush (length: 00:38)

God Forbid Talk about "W" with Baltimore
Live @ the Ottobar late 2003

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. god forbids fuckin awesome and to nadal226 theyre not fuckin fags they are some of the nicest people ive ever met
2. damn, dallas is bold...

ok i B, Dal, John, Corey...but where the fuck is Doc?
3. I wonder if those guys have told anyone yet that they are flaming homosexuals?
4. the music is awesome. the band memebers are fuckin fags.
5. Man, thats cold. oh well. I still love em =)

WWIII (length: 04:48)


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. I agree heilgermany. Israel is a terrorist a state which has been killing islamic children and women for years, in a territory that it's not of their own. All the nations in the middle east agree in that Israel shouldn't be where it is, because that's not their territory, so what the fuck are you doing there? Pack and go whereever you can, I don't care if you don't have any place, you shouldn't have gone where you are when you did it.

2. wow you guys are ignorant of this subject... this is based on more than just 2 kidnapped soldiers. they invaded after the rocket attacks, and also, they are responding to hundreds of small attacks commited over the past few years to which they never responded then. This isn't even close to ww3, they are simply destroying a syrian/irannian terrorist group. Even the lebanon government wants them out.

3. I really believe that we THE U.S. should distance our selves away from Israels influence. Our involvement with Israel puts real danger to Americans. They see us as a part of Israel and Israel being so trigger happy lately will cause A Great anger towards them and us. So for our sake let's back away.

4. yes but no arms mate..... we cannot defend ourselves compare this to a billion dollar military by israel who was fucked the entire lebanon and raped it from north to west in the name of 2 soldiers. we have hizballah on our border because israel keeps invading us they had occupied our land before.

5. WWIII: Middle East Vs. West. Christian militants from Bush Country, Vs. Islamic Militants from Bin Laden's network. U.S., Israel and Russia Vs. Palestine, Chechnya and Al Qaeda. Pass me the popcorn.

Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Tower Implosion (length: 02:47)

21 May 2006 cooling tower demolition at the decomissioned Trojan Nuclear Power Plant. The tower WAS located on the south bank of the Columbia River about 20 minutes south of Portland, Oregon near the town of Ranier. My dad and I got up on

bush (length: 00:21)


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. all you fucks are retarded...This hippie propaganda that you listen to from ignorant morons and faggot bands have you all fucked up. You emo fucks are turning America into a bunch of pussies and you "Republicans hate minorities so it gives me an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit then blame it on them" fucks that are drying up our social security. You're lucky Bush is around because if Kerry and Gore won you be getting butt fucked by some terrorist asshole right now...Bitches
2. Oh yeah, and for the "move to Canada" people... Most of your northern states, including new york, and also california, share the attitudes that you're telling them to "move to Canada" for. Most Americans don't support the President. For the rest of you, why don't you just name him dictator of those southern and mid-west states that support him? We in Canada will gladly welcome California and the northern states into our borders, we could use more sunshine anyways.
3. bob46: Dictionary definitions are created as a result of the meanings words have in the culture of the language. Therefore, dictionaries can only show us the old definitions of words, and therefore cannot be used to induce future culture. To prove that culture dictates word definitions just look at the recent addition of 'google', 'mashup', 'podcast', etc. to the OED. New words, new definitions. Old words, new definitions. It's all about the future. Stop living in the past.
4. are you trying to say that god is punishing america with natural disasters and terrorist attacks??? wow. so why hasn't god punished las vegas? or west Hollywood? or europe? what about Amsterdam? if god punishes America and not these others, than he is unjust. i want nothing to do with a god like this. also, the bible says that no man should be punished for another mans sins. that means that if god doesn't like bush, he would punish him, not innocent people. (continued)
5. OK "bob" you want to talk about ignorance? Who is ignoring the ENORMOUS problems the bush administration is causing in the world. Human rights violations, Skirting the Bill of Rights, GOING TO WAR BASED ON LIES. I mean WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BASING YOUR STATEMENT ON???? "best president next to regan?!?!" you OBVIOUSLY are not from this country and have never decided to learn about it. THAT IS IGNORANCE. Try to pay attention to the world around you.

Funny Bush (length: 01:08)

Watch their lips ppl

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. this is greeeeat stuff lol love it

Sunday, September 03, 2006

george bush (length: 00:19)

bet u can't do it like me

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Nice vid..Can you make one longer?

Pink- Dear Mr President - Live (length: 04:59)

Pink performs Dear Mr President Live in NYC. It's a controversial song from her new album that all people should hear.

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. So what DOES happen, when the President Talks to God? he_presid.html

Should we all chip in & buy him a copy of Civilization or something? I mean, if he wishes to pursue a CorporateWar...
maybe he distracts easily? alcohol_s.html
<b>BlueBerry Pick'n</b>
can be found @ <b></b>
<i>"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"</i>

2. What a really amazing and powerful performance! The lyrics are just soo incredible! I was sorta shocked when i first heard it, here in the UK.
You guys have to ask yourself, why the hell did you keep him in for a second term? America's image is destroyed... thanks to that bastard.
Vote 4 Hillary... she'll get you out of the mess :)

I REALLY hope that he has heard the song! It wont make a difference anyway, he is a heartless criminal.

Dear America,
Get rid of your president

3. there seems to be some confusion here about "hard work." let me help. part of what pink sings about is hard work of the heart, which doesn't lead to profit--more often to loss. it is sorrow. it is oppression. it is injustice. i can hear you now, turbenator: "oh, sleeping on cardboard, having aids, making minimum wage, not marrying your love--that's not hard work." dying is hard work. it is hard work of the heart. i know. & whether you or bush believe it or not, you're gonna know one day too.

4. Wow. That is breathtaking in its lack of appreciation for irony. If you're going to call someone an idiot, you should use grammar past the 4th grade level.

Please entertain us all with what IS at stake with this war, assuming you mean Iraq (didn't attack us, hated Bin Laden) and not Afganistan (harbored Bin Laden and Al Quaeda).

As for religious fanatics, there are plenty of them in this country that scare me just as much. Pat Robertson, to name one.

5. I usually consider the term "pop artist" to be an oxymoron. There is very little art in popular culture. Even so, I'll come to the defense of Pink. She might be popular, and rich because of it, but I have to give her credit as an artist. I've been impressed by her lyrics in the past, and Dear Mr. President is solid. I think the Dixie Chicks were amazing for speaking out honestly much earlier than most popular figures, their music is just as "calculated" as that of any other pop artist.

Canal el hoyo. La entrevista tradicional. (length: 02:08)

Solo por su canal, La entrevista tradicional. El animador estrella Yaiklet, entrevista a nuestro invitado de honor, el Sr. Experto En.

BETCHA CAN'T DO IT LIKE ME...NOPE (length: 02:38)

An Interview with George W. Bush...

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The Ultimate 911 Tribute (length: 08:20)

The ultimate tribute to the 911 victims.
Living and dead...

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Can any of u c martial law taking effect? Soon they will have mandatory GP devices for ppl not jus our cell phones. We r sposed to b a free country, but where has that freedom gone? This shyt with bush not wanting the immigrants here, latin immigrants. Wat did they do? Y is he focusing on them if the terrorists are blvd 2 b muslim? Bcuz the truth comes out in the end he needs to redirect the blame and put focus on something else. I kno in my heart that he was bhnd all of this, and it saddens me.
2. this is ABC NEW's website putting OPERATION NORTHWOODS lightly b/c the GOV. controls the news, the reason why there showing us this is b/c of a new law which made them have to show/tell us about this in some way (SMALL OR BIG) it's funny something as big as this isn't on there news ch. and only on there website hmmm what are they trying to hide?
3. But we are free, we're just not allowed to use that freedom incorrectly. For instance, we have freedom of speech, but only as long as we don't say anything to upset anyone ever. We're free to start a business because of freemarket capitalism, but only as long as we have enough time, money and resources to compete with, oh, say Wal-Mart.
4. thanks owlman for thinkg outside the box, that is the only way we will ever have the truth! this video was an eye opener for some and a kick in the junk foir others, keep up the groovy propaganda, even if it turns out that this is not true, its still good to hear another idea of how it all went down.....(no pun intended)
5. When are we going to have some accountability for this administration? Did Bush know? If he did know, I want him prosecuted for murder! I saw the images of the bodies falling as if for the very first time...Maybe the entire country is still in shock in much the same way. Thanks for this video, owlman...keep it up.

Jib Hunt Lifestyle Apparel (length: 01:37)

2006 Summer T-shirt Collection
Music by: The Loyalists


bush and his explaination of a word...



Bush wacka