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The Ultimate 911 Tribute (length: 08:20)

The ultimate tribute to the 911 victims.
Living and dead...


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. Can any of u c martial law taking effect? Soon they will have mandatory GP devices for ppl not jus our cell phones. We r sposed to b a free country, but where has that freedom gone? This shyt with bush not wanting the immigrants here, latin immigrants. Wat did they do? Y is he focusing on them if the terrorists are blvd 2 b muslim? Bcuz the truth comes out in the end he needs to redirect the blame and put focus on something else. I kno in my heart that he was bhnd all of this, and it saddens me.
2. this is ABC NEW's website putting OPERATION NORTHWOODS lightly b/c the GOV. controls the news, the reason why there showing us this is b/c of a new law which made them have to show/tell us about this in some way (SMALL OR BIG) it's funny something as big as this isn't on there news ch. and only on there website hmmm what are they trying to hide?
3. But we are free, we're just not allowed to use that freedom incorrectly. For instance, we have freedom of speech, but only as long as we don't say anything to upset anyone ever. We're free to start a business because of freemarket capitalism, but only as long as we have enough time, money and resources to compete with, oh, say Wal-Mart.
4. thanks owlman for thinkg outside the box, that is the only way we will ever have the truth! this video was an eye opener for some and a kick in the junk foir others, keep up the groovy propaganda, even if it turns out that this is not true, its still good to hear another idea of how it all went down.....(no pun intended)
5. When are we going to have some accountability for this administration? Did Bush know? If he did know, I want him prosecuted for murder! I saw the images of the bodies falling as if for the very first time...Maybe the entire country is still in shock in much the same way. Thanks for this video, owlman...keep it up.