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Pink- Dear Mr President - Live (length: 04:59)

Pink performs Dear Mr President Live in NYC. It's a controversial song from her new album that all people should hear.

some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. So what DOES happen, when the President Talks to God?

http://thiscanadian.typepad.com/this_canadian/2006/06/when_t he_presid.html

Should we all chip in & buy him a copy of Civilization or something? I mean, if he wishes to pursue a CorporateWar...
maybe he distracts easily?
http://thiscanadian.typepad.com/this_canadian/2006/04/fetal_ alcohol_s.html
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2. What a really amazing and powerful performance! The lyrics are just soo incredible! I was sorta shocked when i first heard it, here in the UK.
You guys have to ask yourself, why the hell did you keep him in for a second term? America's image is destroyed... thanks to that bastard.
Vote 4 Hillary... she'll get you out of the mess :)

I REALLY hope that he has heard the song! It wont make a difference anyway, he is a heartless criminal.

Dear America,
Get rid of your president

3. there seems to be some confusion here about "hard work." let me help. part of what pink sings about is hard work of the heart, which doesn't lead to profit--more often to loss. it is sorrow. it is oppression. it is injustice. i can hear you now, turbenator: "oh, sleeping on cardboard, having aids, making minimum wage, not marrying your love--that's not hard work." dying is hard work. it is hard work of the heart. i know. & whether you or bush believe it or not, you're gonna know one day too.

4. Wow. That is breathtaking in its lack of appreciation for irony. If you're going to call someone an idiot, you should use grammar past the 4th grade level.

Please entertain us all with what IS at stake with this war, assuming you mean Iraq (didn't attack us, hated Bin Laden) and not Afganistan (harbored Bin Laden and Al Quaeda).

As for religious fanatics, there are plenty of them in this country that scare me just as much. Pat Robertson, to name one.

5. I usually consider the term "pop artist" to be an oxymoron. There is very little art in popular culture. Even so, I'll come to the defense of Pink. She might be popular, and rich because of it, but I have to give her credit as an artist. I've been impressed by her lyrics in the past, and Dear Mr. President is solid. I think the Dixie Chicks were amazing for speaking out honestly much earlier than most popular figures, their music is just as "calculated" as that of any other pop artist.