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bush (length: 00:21)


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. all you fucks are retarded...This hippie propaganda that you listen to from ignorant morons and faggot bands have you all fucked up. You emo fucks are turning America into a bunch of pussies and you "Republicans hate minorities so it gives me an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit then blame it on them" fucks that are drying up our social security. You're lucky Bush is around because if Kerry and Gore won you be getting butt fucked by some terrorist asshole right now...Bitches
2. Oh yeah, and for the "move to Canada" people... Most of your northern states, including new york, and also california, share the attitudes that you're telling them to "move to Canada" for. Most Americans don't support the President. For the rest of you, why don't you just name him dictator of those southern and mid-west states that support him? We in Canada will gladly welcome California and the northern states into our borders, we could use more sunshine anyways.
3. bob46: Dictionary definitions are created as a result of the meanings words have in the culture of the language. Therefore, dictionaries can only show us the old definitions of words, and therefore cannot be used to induce future culture. To prove that culture dictates word definitions just look at the recent addition of 'google', 'mashup', 'podcast', etc. to the OED. New words, new definitions. Old words, new definitions. It's all about the future. Stop living in the past.
4. are you trying to say that god is punishing america with natural disasters and terrorist attacks??? wow. so why hasn't god punished las vegas? or west Hollywood? or europe? what about Amsterdam? if god punishes America and not these others, than he is unjust. i want nothing to do with a god like this. also, the bible says that no man should be punished for another mans sins. that means that if god doesn't like bush, he would punish him, not innocent people. (continued)
5. OK "bob" you want to talk about ignorance? Who is ignoring the ENORMOUS problems the bush administration is causing in the world. Human rights violations, Skirting the Bill of Rights, GOING TO WAR BASED ON LIES. I mean WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BASING YOUR STATEMENT ON???? "best president next to regan?!?!" you OBVIOUSLY are not from this country and have never decided to learn about it. THAT IS IGNORANCE. Try to pay attention to the world around you.