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WWIII (length: 04:48)


some comments from YouTube.Com:

1. I agree heilgermany. Israel is a terrorist a state which has been killing islamic children and women for years, in a territory that it's not of their own. All the nations in the middle east agree in that Israel shouldn't be where it is, because that's not their territory, so what the fuck are you doing there? Pack and go whereever you can, I don't care if you don't have any place, you shouldn't have gone where you are when you did it.

2. wow you guys are ignorant of this subject... this is based on more than just 2 kidnapped soldiers. they invaded after the rocket attacks, and also, they are responding to hundreds of small attacks commited over the past few years to which they never responded then. This isn't even close to ww3, they are simply destroying a syrian/irannian terrorist group. Even the lebanon government wants them out.

3. I really believe that we THE U.S. should distance our selves away from Israels influence. Our involvement with Israel puts real danger to Americans. They see us as a part of Israel and Israel being so trigger happy lately will cause A Great anger towards them and us. So for our sake let's back away.

4. yes but no arms mate..... we cannot defend ourselves compare this to a billion dollar military by israel who was fucked the entire lebanon and raped it from north to west in the name of 2 soldiers. we have hizballah on our border because israel keeps invading us they had occupied our land before.

5. WWIII: Middle East Vs. West. Christian militants from Bush Country, Vs. Islamic Militants from Bin Laden's network. U.S., Israel and Russia Vs. Palestine, Chechnya and Al Qaeda. Pass me the popcorn.